Friday, September 03, 2004

Spot the difference

Found a few good religious websites (psuedo and otherwise):

"The Child Care action Project"

This page is great. It takes a "chapter and verse" "biblical view"on the Box office. A score of 100 gives a film a "perfect G" rating (Mary Poppins claims this honor)... A score of 0 condemns a movie to hell.... lol

What I love doing with this page is taking a gander on "absolute 0". Basically, think-up a movie that is full of Violence, Sex, Nudity, and Foul language... then see how they rate it. See how close you can get to 0. OR, see if you can actually blow-up the machine!! wooo-hooo! (movies which cause this reviewer to walk-out). I wont give away my absolute 0 winners - you'll have to just try yourself

"Landover Baptist"

Next to the, this is my second favorite parody site. Includes commentary by the infamous Betty Bowers: "God told me to hate you". Nuff said - just give it a surf, you'll love it.

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