Thursday, September 30, 2004

Last week in review 09/23

I just had to get this down quick before I forgot. Last week was one for the ages. It started on Thursday night/Sat morning. This was straight from the log-book at work:

Guest in 508 came down and claimed to have been "visited" several times during the night. I asked her if I should call security, and she said "dont bother, what that room needs is priest and a blessing". Ahhhh... I see.

She asked me if any deaths had occurred in this building. I conveniently neglected to tell her that the old hospital morgue used to be located in the basement.

Again, she said we need a priest and thorough cleansing of the 5th floor. I conveniently neglected to tell her that I was a registered minister.

Long story even longer, I could have had a riot tonight, but I conveniently neglected to.

~ Rev. Nate

PS, I tried to move her to the 7th floor, but she checked it out and informed me that it was "much worse". Apparently, the 7th floor should be "spiritually quarentined"... yikes

PSS, When I let her know that I've never had that kind of spiritual sensitivity, she said that I should "Rub my forehead" to "open up my 3rd eye" (yikes part II). I conveniently neglected to tell her that my 3rd eye was open, but that was from rubbing something else... bedum-schhhhh!

Follow-up to this story (yikes part III): Apparently, someone HAD DIED in Room 507 (right next to her room). Some woman had fallen and cracked her head on dresser... Riced on impact, DOA.

(Note: the term "Riced" is a Dan Kiehnle euphemism for "maggot-ready"... stay tuned, I'll be adding more of these "Danisms" in the future)

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