Monday, June 25, 2007

Bill O'Reilly's first "Correction"

(Yeah, I know. We'll just call this a brief hiatus from a Black Sabbatical)

Color me amazed. After thousands of unsourced, unwarranted, and unapologetic brain burps *, Herr Falafeloofa - the grand duke of avoiding culpability (lil' Bush being crowned king), tried to sneak the following in on the tail-end of his latest column:

"I would like to correct the record. A few weeks ago I wrote that reporter Andrew Buncombe of the Independent neglected to tell his readers that Roger Ailes of Fox News was joking in a remark where the names Obama and Osama were used. In fact, Mr. Buncombe did mention the joke. My apologies to him"

* Here's a fine collection - by no-means unabridged - of Bill O'Reilly brain-burps:

"News" Stories more important than Iraq - according to Herr Falafeloofa

Kansas Murder suspect a "White-bread Guy" (as opposed to Bill's fantasy suspect, of course)

Bill's vile propaganda outfit "study"

(includes Bill's completely colorful, yet unsourced, and unsubstantiated hard-on chart)

And let us never forget his greatest folly ever, "The Paris Business Review" incident

Roll film:

There... Happy?

For those that are immune to the obvious* Meet the Stress, inc. will be continuing our Black Sabbatical into the next few months.

No worries, still have volumes of topics & info to sculpt and distribute to Cthulhu's apostles - just not the time nor the tech. Will be up-and-running ASAFP.

* You know who you are fuckface