Thursday, September 23, 2004

Dr. Phil: Child Abuser

Okay Nate's really pissed-off today. I shouldnt let the glowing screen get to me this much, but I've just about had enough.

"A Dr. Phil Primetime Special: Family First" (more like commercial $$$ first)

Lets break this down: This segment aired about this family who's son apparently exhibits 9 of the 14 traits of a serial killer. Key phrase here "This segment aired". It aired with video of the child and his behaviors, but more importantly: HIS IDENTITY!! How is this child ever going to be able to face his peers at school? How will this child protect his privacy now? How is this child ever going to live a normal life? Do you think his life will be better NOW after being exposed in Prime Time?

So lets see Phil. You have this child that exhibits these behaviors.
You choices are: A.) Privately give this child and his parents the help & counseling they need to have him lead a normal life (and go with a different story), or B.) Exploit this child for commercial profit, therefore certainly condemning him to become the serial killer that you "claim" to help. If this is not 100% pure CHILD ABUSE, I dont know what is.

Dr. Phil, you will now be referred to as "Mr. McGraw"... You know what? On second thought, lets go with "Josef Mengele". Letters are now being written to the FCC and to Texas State Attorney's office. Youre show should be cancelled and you should be on a perp walk. And to this kid's idiot parents: I am contacting CPC and I am encouraging my friends to do the same.

If/When this kid does crack, we can all only hope and pray that there will be 3 people in his cross-hairs: Phil and this kid's abusive parents.

Oh, and you can only guess how I feel about Phil's sponsor Oprah now (not that I felt much for her before). Hey Oprah, heres a good one for youre next book club. A Biography about Dr. Phil "Mengele: The Complete Story" by Gerald Posner.

Thats it for me today. I'm gonna turn off the tele and cool off for a spell.

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