Friday, September 03, 2004

Avoiding the hangover

Hey folks,

Nate's getting a bit burned-out by the Big Volley 2004. Yes, thats right, Nate is getting tired of politics. Everything in moderation, I suppose.

For those of you in my boat, here is a tylenol and water technique to avoid this hangover:

1.) If you see a political AD, pretend its an commercial for a pair of light-up Nikes: You really dont need what their selling, Your only getting one side of the story (their side), The competitor's shoes will claim the same things, and despite the emotional thrill of light-up shoes, those pretty lights will burn-out after a week.

If you base your entire November 2nd decision on political adverts, Nate will offer you this garuantee: By November 2nd, your hatred, anger, and general disgust for both candidates will keep you smoldering away from that polling booth. (note: this is the chief strategy of Karl Rove and George W Bush)

2.) Turn off all pundits, talk-show hosts, and political interviews. This would be a great time to switch-on a Seinfeld/Simpsons/South Park re-run. This would also be a good time for: A nice walk, A trip to the gym, A nice dinner out... or a nice laundery day reading the party platforms (see #3)

3.) Most importantly, Read the Party Platforms. This is your homework before November 2nd.
First think carefully about your own beliefs on a range of issues. Secondly, Read the
GOP platform , and the
DNC platform
Then think about which set of issues are closest to your own.

I know I know, this all takes a lot more work than sitting and watching tube (and political adverts), but I can promise that you will go into that booth November 2nd brimming with confidence. Say goodbye to "lesser of two evils" or flipping a coin. Go to the polls with the wind at your back!

Finally, remember that YOU are the boss, THEY are your potential employees. We are still a nation of, by, and for the people - not the Saudi Royal family.

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