Monday, July 26, 2004

Okay, maybe politics later

I was just thinking about my compulsion to put John Tesh on the same level as "Puritans" and "A Roth-less Van Halen". Perhaps I was too harsh.

Back in the good old days - when one could take-back the thousands of fajooles that the record companies theive from us with each CD purchase - I spent some valuable time downloading music. (RIP audiogalaxy... sniff sniff). See, I dont gamble and I dont rope steer (despite rumors to the contrary), and in Ellensturd WA, aside from these two pastimes, there is cow-cud left to do except downloading music.

So here I was in hell trying to find some good Black Sabbath covers. A few winners. A whole bunch of losers trying to give props. And then I run into this: "The Wizard" performed by " The Zappa brothers with John Tesh". I had to bite. For those of you not familiar with the Wizard (a plague on all your houses), it features a tricky syncopated harmonica solo as an intro. I had to know who was going to take this job, and how? (please please let it be a Zappa)

Well it turned out to be "the Tesh" - not with a harmonica, but with a KEYTAR! To this day, I still cannot believe that this sound entered my eardrums and was transferred to my neurotransmitters. But in a moment of schaudenfreud, I kind of liked it too... (gasp!)

I'll give Tesh his bones: to my suprise - and aside from some syncopation problems - he KNEW HOW TO PLAY BLACK SABBATH!!! Okay, so he played it on a KEYTAR... SO? SO?

So give it a listen, if you can still find it. If anyone can find a copy of the footage of Tesh/Zappa (ewww, those words hurt my ears together), I would love to see it.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have the Pat Boone Metal Mood CD? Now there's some classic release. Wonder how many he sold.