Monday, July 26, 2004

Welcome all weirdos!

Thankyou for visiting the mind of Nate - fasten your seatbelts.
I wanted to start out by welcoming all those folks on my email list who have suffered through my many forwards.  The involuntary draft is over! (and thankyou for your free-will visit to my blog). 
Secondly, I will try to post something once or twice a week - including (but not limited to) articles, webpages, funny photos, videos of people falling, new bands, and of course: unclassified government documents.  As per blog rules, I will try to include something funny/weird/unusual/that happened to me today.  On occasion, I might also venture into the world of Garrison Keileresque tales (some of them tall)... I encourage you to do the same.
Finally, please post whenever you get an itch.  I may scratch it, or I may point and laugh, but at least a small portion of the vast online community will now be aware of your ailment. 

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