Thursday, July 29, 2004

Undecided? Take the quiz (s)

Found some good quizes for the undecided voter out there.

They sound cheezy, but they're actually really accurate (Took the test a # of different ways - Nate tested the test)... they are also really good because they are issue-based... not personality based. For those of you bummed on candidates personalities this year, this will help cut through all that.

Very updated for 2004. I like this one because it allows you to give weight to certain issues - social, economic, etc. This helps you get a closer match.

This one has help if you're not quite sure where you "land" on an issue - definitions for everything. It also has exact issue positions of candidates - based on statements, interviews, and platforms. You can also take a similar quiz that plots where you land politically.

Again, this is for the many out there who dont have enough time to read through party platforms. For me, the best quiz is to go through the updated party platforms and rate each statement with a +10 and -10 scale (strongly agree, strongly disagree). Then go back through and put a star on really important issues.

The party platform the scores highest will be your best choice - regardless of candidate. Remember that 90% of the time, a president will vote based on this platform.

Also remember that for most people, no party platform will ever get a perfect score. Go with the best.

If your still in doubt. Ask me, I know what is best for you. hee hee

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