Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Open challenge:

Attention all white wing weactionaries ("uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh"):

The GOP has decided to run a story attacking Michael Moore (you know, if you dont like the message, attack the messenger)... Heres a link to the "article" from the RNC homepage:

(Interesting that the word "research" was used in this link... did these people graduate from Fircrest? )

So apparently these quote trawlers found this (attributed to Michael Moore) from the "Daily Mirror", the British tabloid equivelant of the NY Daily News:

"They (Americans) are possibly the dumbest people on the planet… in thrall to conniving, thieving, smug p#%$ks.' 'We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance.' 'We don't know about anything that's happening outside our country. Our stupidity is embarrassing"

First problem - and a big red-flag: In this quote alone, there are several quote breaks and "..." which lead me to believe that parts are missing. I for one wanted to see the whole, complete, unabridged interview (if there even was one)... you know, something about my compulsion to find PRIMARY SOURCE MATERIAL. I guess I shouldnt get too hopeful that these bottom-feeders would be double-checking their sources, but oh well.

Second problem, having taken this "Moore quote" and turned it through a million searches, I came up with a million sites ALL citing this article in the Daily Mirror - BUT NOWHERE ELSE. Furthermore, I cannot for the life of me find this Daily Mirror revelation in any other Newspaper: NY Times - nope, Washington Post - nope, Washington Times - bubkus, London Times - zippo...

So we have here a quote attributed to Michael Moore, but:

  • From only one source - a tabloid
  • Missing chunks, and without an unabridged transcript with which to compare
  • Never repeated or used in any other paper, magazine, journal, etc - except of course, the RNC
Now I wasnt exactly expecting scholarly excellence from these RNC mouth breathers, but as a consumer and a college graduate, I expect several verifiable, non-tabloid, primary sources before I fully consume, deep-throat, and swallow any claim.

Here is your challenge Mr. White Wing Weactionary: Find me (at least) two more primary sources for this Michael Moore quote.

These sources must contain:
  1. A full, unedited and unabridged transcript of interview including verbatum questions
  2. Date of Interview, and interviewer
  3. Some indication from the interviewer that lends legitimacy to the finished product (you know, like a replicant transcript on
(by the way, these criteria came directly from a Professor's intructions for a UW research paper)

So show me the money.
But until then, the RNC can kiss my college educated ASS

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