Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Just one more

On the subject of polling, Heres a great article about how the radio ratings work:

The only reason these systems (arbitron and neilson) are important is because advertisers "think" they are important. lol

So whenever you hear Rush Limbaugh bragging about getting an 8.0 Arbitron Rating, this means that its only an 8% share of advertising revenue. This means that at the most 8% of the total radio listeners (not "americans", not "registered voters") tune-in to his show (and are exposed to his advertising). This does not even mean that 8% agree with him; This does not mean that 8% of our nation are Dittoheads; This only means that 8% means $$$ to advertisers... thats it!

What this does mean is that despite the despair about multi-million dollar corporations dominating the airwaves, Even the largest corp can only reach 10% of us! They are constantly scrambling to reach us, constantly a duck on ice-skates, and most often, THEY FAIL! Theres still potentially 90% of untapped fertile ground that you and I can reach - and this is just through radio. Add in Books, Newspapers, Internet, Documentary movies, and the possibilities are limitless!

We are the bosses, we are the controllers, we determine our own destiny. Now stand-up and fight!

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