Thursday, November 25, 2004

Yarns update II - Santa's Parting Words

Apparently my friend and yours Santa has yet another entry in his extensive resume': "Shadow Walker"

"If I'm coming at you from the distance, you can see me... but dont look away. If you look away, I'll be on you before you know it." (snaps his fingers)

I told him that I would remember not to look away. To which he retorted:

"That wont work. I'll be there in your grill between blinks. You wont even know what hit you, or what killed you. "

"You see, I'm a shadow walker. I dont move on the ground. I move between ticks on the clock"
(he said the last part really slow and dramatically)

So now I'm sitting here, Santa-less... and I'm so pissed. Why oh why didnt I get a live test of Shadow walking. Damnit, I coulda seen Chairman Ho's nemisis in his true form. I might have even gotten a lesson from this Zen master.

Farewell Shadow walker. Perhaps I will you see you again on my next Moses Lake visit.

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