Friday, November 05, 2004

Out of touch - MY ASS!

Another dubious chunk of untreated sewage has been floating around the conservative "think" tanks. Your average right-wing commentator will hold up a map like this one - showing the 2004 election results county-by-county (blue = Kerry, red = Bush):

His caption will be - "look at how out of touch these blue liberals are with the 'rest' of the nation." This looks good in theory, (and even has a neato visual aid - A+ simpletons!), but they are conveniently leaving out one crucial factor: FUCKING PEOPLE!

In other words, if scorpions, rattlesnakes, gophers, varmits, opossoms, twigs, berries, cactii, and bits of sod where someday, somehow given legal voting status, then this map might mean something! And yes, when that happens, we "Liberal Blues" would indeed be out of touch with all of the above earthly inhabitants

But until then, only people have the right to vote, and PEOPLE is the one thing that the blue areas have that the Red areas do not have!

Dont believe me? Heres another map shot from a satellite at night:

Interesting how the blue areas in the map above line-up with the illuminated areas with the map below, is it not?

One might say that we "blue area liberals" are more illuminating than the rest! One might also jest that the red areas are full of dim bulbs perhaps.

But I will say this: What is absolutely astounding is NOT that Bush won, but that Bush could only squeeze 52% out of all that Red!

Using the words of Bush Sr & Jr, we must now be a beacon of hope and a thousand points of light to all those still living in darkness

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