Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Turner's response to Nov 2nd

"There would be only two cool things that would happen if Bush was to get re-elected; so without further ado, prepare yourself for the inevitable.

First, is that I will finally be able to get an AK-47 for as cheap as they ought to be.

And second, I guarantee you that ten years from now, on FOX (the only channel left), on Sunday nights at 9:00, probably after the umpteenth season of Malcolm in the Middle, you will be able to tune into The Running Man; but for real. And I have to admit, I will be watching.

Yup, the country is heading down the tubes but fast, so prepare yourself for shooting the first FED through the door in the face when he tries to take away your freedom. Maybe it's just me, but didn't my United States of America pay dearly with many of our sons in a little war called WWII to defeat the rise of fascism, and keep it from ever reaching our shores?

Oh well, the masses spoke, and they chose, and now they have to stew in the steaming pile that they've made for themselves. Fuck them, the swine. Hope you enjoy it you shit-heads."

Amen, Brother

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