Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Characters, Part VI: Mother Pumpkin

No, not Sister Christian - Mother Pumpkin

No groundbreaking developments in the lives of Elder, Mother & MMR. Well, not unless you include another night of exodus for MMR. Apparently, she took off from the overlords (again), & then got lost somewhere in Seattle. I asked Elder whereabouts she was, and he said "she wouldnt tell us". Note: Elder confirmed the earlier report that MMR is in her 40s (43).

Mother came down later, & we had a pretty lengthy discussion about Pierre Trudeau. Yeah, I still can't remember how that started. At one point she mentioned going to a Pro-life demo in Olympia next week, and invited yours truly. I respectively declined... but now I'm having second thoughts. Imagine the material one could glean from that Pro-life roadtrip with the clan, no?

During this discussion, MMR briefly poked her head around the corner and Mother screamed "You git right back upstairs and go to bed now". MMR giggled, emitted a few squeaks and left. MMR tends to make her appearances this way - the peak around the corner. Which is funny, because it always suprises me (joyfully) - a feeling much like a baby during a round of peak-a-boo.

The grandfather clock struck 12 and Mother exclaimed: "Well, I better get to bed before I git turned into a pumpkin!".

I said, "Well that would be an interesting security call"

"What would you say?", she asked

"Oh, I'd probably report a missing person, and then ask them to bring over a carving knife, candle & some pie crust" (har har)


"Don't worry, I promise that I will turn you into a FANTASTIC jack-o-lantern", I said, sizing-up her head in a finger-frame.


Note: Mother actually closely resembles (both in looks & legalistic beliefs) my mom's aunt Marie - a favorite of mine. Perhaps this explains my growing fondness for her clan.

Or perhaps at one point we were all seperated from the same pod when the visitors landed.

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