Saturday, January 14, 2006



My husband is about to get a LIFETIME appointment to
the Supreme Court, and the Senate is being mean to him...

Okay let me get this straight. First and foremost, Martha-Ann Bomgardner (wife to SC nominee Samuel Alito) started crying during the questioning by a REPUBLICAN! (GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina):

"After sitting behind Samuel Alito for two days of intense questioning at his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, she left the room during questioning of her husband by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina."
~Washington Post

But secondly, get a fucking grip lady. It's not like your hubby was killed by an IED in Iraq, or a mine explosion in W Virginia! No, Samuel Alito - who arguably has a checkered past as a judge - is facing the NATURAL checks and balances of the US government. Again, he's been nominated to recieve a LIFETIME appointment to the US Supreme Court. Did she think the Senate would play paddy-cake with him?

So suck it the fuck up. Take a Civics 101 course - or at the very least, google search "checks & balances". Then, in the words famously spoken by one Jim Francis to wife Patty (@ 9am in the morning):


(PS, sniff sniff - I smell a publicity stunt)

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