Monday, January 16, 2006

Freak Collection, Part VII: Mother Goose

Computer just crashed. Yes, literally crashed. The shelf holding it gave-away, and it hit ground-zero - yanking out all the connections.

Mother & Elderfreak were at the desk watching this happen. Mother just started laughing. I got down on the knees & started trying to get it all put back together. Cords too short - had to pretzel my arm around & blindly poke at holes (this ever happen to you? heheh).

But Mother watched me & just kept laughing (& laughing & laughing...)

"Oh, look how cute Nate looks when he's all frusterated. hahahahah", she said. Bah! ("You'll pay for that later in my blog", I said to myself, clenching a fist).

Then she started to monkey around. Mother picks up the desk phone & just starts randomly pressing numbers, laughing hysterically.

"I think I now know where (MMR) gets it from", I said. Elderfreak heartily agreed.

THEN, Mother nudges a pop can off the edge of the counter (empty, thank cuthulu):

"Oooops. Hahahahahahah!"

This went on for half an hour. Happy happy joy joy.

Mother informed me that they'd all be out by the weekend. No worries, they'll all be IN my apt building after that! I saw that Mother was in an especially liggy mood, so I built up enough courage to say:

"You know, with all 3 of you in that apt, you should strongly consider calling NBC or Fox & having them send over a camera crew. This has Reality TV written all over it"

"Yeah, that-there is a good idea. Lord knows I'll have my hands full"

I think a group photo is in order. Actual wildlife photography would be the ultimate, no?

Note: In other news from work, there's a new fish in the tank on the 5th floor that completely FREAKS OUT when anyone gets too close. I think you know what happened next

FRESH FISH! FRESH FISH! FRESH FISH! *tap tap tap tap tap tap*

I think I made it do a triple-sowcow.


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