Friday, December 08, 2006

F. Winston Gerards - In Memoriam

F.Winston Gerards

This Monday, the Gerards family lost our beloved Himalayen feline to the wild Acacian woods.

When Karleen and Don took that European trip around the summer of 1993, they had no idea what the kids would get up to: A grand party that would run off the rails, and a tiny grey bundle of fluff - replacement for the recently departed "Ezekiel".

His name was originally "Fizgig" - after his uncanny resemblence to Jim Hensen's rolling ball of fuzz in the Dark Crystal. We picked him from a litter of his brethren in Duvall. In mind's eye, I see your mother: A completely concaved face. Your father must have somehow filled-in that DNA face-crater.

When Mom and Dad came home - their anger over the party aftermath was quickly assuaged by the new arrival. From their Euro-travels, they decided on the name "Winston", after the pudgy faced UK PM.

Other than Fizgig & Winston, he had many other nom de guerres - from many other friends:
"Biscuit boy" & "Mr. Biscuits"
"Talkin' boy" (after Bessie died)

I can still see Winston brutally attacking his older brother Bones after we applied the Kitty gas mask (inhaling bottle of catnip pellets) . Bones never could figure out what triggered such brutality.

I last saw you 2 weeks ago when the folks left Thanksgiving weekend. Even gave you a bath to clean up that scabby chin - always allergic to everything. A serene moment: Winston wrapped in 3 towels, pretty pissed-off after being hoodwinked into the bath, but now relaxing and taking-in a Chapelle episode.

So many other memories that come to mind. Over this next week, as the stories slowly roll back in to my conscience, I'll add them here. For those of you that remember & loved Winston, please leave them here too.

Our Immortal sovereign,
Grand sculpter of stardust clay,
We give you our grey kid Winston
Keep him healthy & happy
in your eternal Guf

Love you bud,


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