Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mike Webb court photo
& Letter from "Anon"

Mike Webb (left) with Attorney Mark Larranaga - July 27, 2006
(not great, but I'm still in training, sensei)

To the Editor:
Anonymous said...
Nate: The efforts of you, Brian, Travis, Hood, and others in trying to attack people within the radio biz with blogs, photos, and whatever else, will ultimately fail, because programming decisions are made based on ratings, talent, personality, and longetivity within the biz, and not from unsubstatiated comments found on blogs. I suggest that if you are truly interested in news talk radio, that you consider interning with a talk host, that you consider promotions work for a news/talk station, or, that you consider a CC or professional degree in broadcast journalism or engineering.
(Editor's note: I know a "Hood", but am unfamiliar with "Brian, Travis")

First off, who said I was interested in the "programming decisions" within "the radio biz' or "truly interested in news talk radio"? Meet the Stress® is the product of a marginally part-time recreative activity - end scene.

Related to this, how does one "ultimately fail" at such an activity? Is this like falling while waterskiing? I'm excited that a few folks - you included - have decided to express interest in my recreational activities (hits, posts, links, etc). I'll be frank - Meet the Stress® was an ultimate failure for much of it's existence. This "failure" never haulted our staff's investigative efforts before, nor will it now. And by the way, thanks for expressing an interest with your hit & comment. *wink wink*

But let's get to the big beefs:
"unsubstatiated comments" &
"trying to attack people within the radio biz"
Note: Mike Webb is no longer affiliated with any radio station or network (or "biz")... well, aside from "progressive networks" - who's sole affiliation is Mr. Webb's basement internet-stream flame-thrower broadcast. (Not unlike your's truly®)

This aside, unsubstatiated [sic] comments? Both blatherwatch & Meet the Stress® were present in the courtroom to clearly hear Webb's outbursts: "Watch your back" & "Can I shoot em". Thats two sources with verbatim quotes. No, we weren't under the official sanction of the NYTimes, but I don't see that requirement in the First Amendment.

Furthermore, under this charished First Amendment, Mike Webb has often chastised public figures for being too secretive. Is Webb now suddenly exempt from this clause?

Finally, and related to disclosure, most newspaper editors do require a name, address, email & phone contact with every letter. We here at Meet the Stress® were graceful enough to print Mr. Anonypuss' post without said requirement. We do however reserve the right to recognize the irony of being chastised by a ghostly gutless turd.

So if you have the minerals, at least pull 'em out next time & include your contacts.

Otherwise, it's feeding time Leo!


Anonymous said...

Nice work, but you probably shouldn't tag someone with a [sic] if you're going to spell "charished" wrong right below it.

Mercifurious said...

Another gutless turd!

Well Mr. Anonypuss II, as editor-in-chief, let me be the first to thankyou for taking the time to proofread Meet the Stress. Your overly-anal attention to detail is duly noted.

We sincerely hope that our grave spelling mistake did not upset the 90° angle of your desk stapler.

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