Wednesday, March 01, 2006

SC illuminati ALERT

Your's truly, the google super-sleuth, plugged "Steve Suplin" into the ol' amazin go-lookie-up-this-for-me machine... au voilla:

Recalling the heady days of progressive station KZAM

Ho-hum, right. But look closer at the names/faces in that photo... especially the Gabe Kotter look-alike in the middle listed as "Steve Suplin"

(curse the gods I wish I could enlarge this photo)

Yeah. Steve Suplin, Progressive DJ... Oh what tangled webs we weave

Nate's exhibit-B:
Still readily available is Suplin's recent tirade against would-be dry-humping in the Everett Herald:
"Paper promoted teens cuddling"
(curse the gods I wish I could find this cuddling photo)

Nate's exhibit-C:
This random weblog entry (dated November 22, 2004) from one manson_lover69 with the following passage:

i tend to post when i'm bored... woot for me... not...

oh dudes... i think mr. suplin is seriously infatuated with me or something
... i'm not kidding... hes always asking me to answer all his questions and i didnt do my A.R. last quarter so i shouldda had a C, but he magically said i did so he gave me an A-... oh and hes always like, "kayleigh, come over here for a second *stares at boobs*... ok, go back to your desk" what the fuck is that about... lol... dude... hes the biggest stoner @ our school... he always gives me "the look" *shudders* gross!! enough about this, i'm feelin sick talkin about it ugh

Yeah, that sounds about right. The Nate rests


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