Wednesday, October 20, 2004

As many of you know, Im a HUGE fan of government pages containing a section for all you wee-ones, whipper-snappers, lil-shavers, and pesky-youngsters out there.

Heres a few great examples:

FBI for Kids!

Dude, check out Maureen. She looks like she doesnt even need a dog to sniff out the contraband

OMG! Joe too! they all look pretty pissed! "Dont use drugs kids... ROAAAAAR!"

Steve, Kim and Wayne too... "Hola Chicos, me llamo 'Wayne'" Bwahahahaha! Que Lastima Senor Wayne!

CIA for Kids! Try on your own disguise! Learn the secret black-op spy Blow-job technique to gain information! (just kidding)

FCC Kidzone!
(Federal Communications Commission, or "Federales Commie Creeps" as I like to call them)

a puzzle game where the picture reveals FCC chief Michael Powell and others. (note: not related to tavern game with the naked chick)

National Security Agency (NSA) for Kids! (with your guide "Crypto the Cat")

...and of course, The White House Kids home! including the all-important, global-impacting, human events hinging, "Barney Photo of the Day"

Enjoy your daily dose of government branding kids!

Dont do school and stay in drugs!

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